Surgery Checklist

Please prepare for your child’s surgery by following these steps:

□ Follow the procedure for foods:

  •  Clear liquids (water, apple juice, and Pedialite) up to 4 hours prior to surgery
  •  Breast Milk up to 6 hours prior to surgery
  •  Infant Formula/Solid Foods/Milk (no meat, fried, or fatty foods i.e. eggs, bacon, cheese, etc.) up to 8 hours prior to surgery

□ Register at the Methodist Children’s Hospital Admitting Office located at 7700 Floyd Curl Drive, San Antonio, 78229 no later than the time instructed by the MA
□ If you are not the parent of the patient you must bring documentation of legal guardianship to the hospital at the time of registration and admission
□ Confirm date and time of surgery with the MA
□ Consult directions to the hospital

Thank you for coming prepared!