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How Dangerous are Benign Bone Tumors?

Benign bone tumors are much more common than cancerous tumors of the bone.

Elbow Overuse Injuries: How Do They Happen?

Over the last several years, doctors have noticed an increase in elbow overuse injuries in children.

The Severity of Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injuries

Anterior cruciate ligament injuries are one of the most common knee injuries.

Preventing Gymnastic Injuries in Your Little Acrobat

If you are the proud parent of a child in gymnastics, you probably have worried from time to time about the potential for gymnastic injuries.

Long-term Impacts of Pediatric Fractures

It is important to pay attention to the common early warning signs to prevent pediatric fractures from causing problems later on.

The Prognosis of Developmental Hip Dysplasia

There are some things that children have that are purely cosmetic and require not consult, but developmental hip dysplasia is not one of those things.

What is Sprengel’s Deformity?

Sprengel’s Deformity is a skeletal abnormality that affects nearly 200,000 individuals in the United States.

Types of Soft Tissue Tumors

Although there are over 70 different types of soft tissue tumors, most fall into a more broad classification of tumor types.

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