Identifying the Early Signs of Developmental Hip Dysplasia

Hip dysplasia occurs when the femur is not in the right place or the socket is too shallow to fit the head of the femur.

Caring for Various Types of Pediatric Fractures

It is important to know what types of pediatric fractures children are at risk for and how to care for them during the healing stages.

Clubfoot Deformity: Developmental Concerns

Clubfoot deformity is a diagnosis given to many newborn infants. It is a congenital condition that has been noted as far back as the ancient Egyptians.

Learn More About Leg Length Discrepancy Treatment

Significant differences in leg length can cause functional scoliosis and other problems, making leg length discrepancy treatment very important.

General Cast Care

Dos and Don’ts for cast care.

Elbow Overuse Injuries: How Do They Happen?

Over the last several years, doctors have noticed an increase in elbow overuse injuries in children.

Preventing Gymnastic Injuries in Your Little Acrobat

If you are the proud parent of a child in gymnastics, you probably have worried from time to time about the potential for gymnastic injuries.

Understanding Options for Kyphosis Treatment

Kyphosis treatment can vary depending on the age of the child, the symptoms the child is experiencing, the cause, and the degree of severity.

How Effective is Myelomeningocele Treatment

Though myelomeningocele can bring along some life-threatening complications, myelomeningocele treatment is usually very effective.

Diagnosing Spinal Asymmetry in Children

If there are concerns about your child’s spine growth, you may be wondering how spine problems like spinal asymmetry can be properly diagnosed.